Wednesday, September 12, 2018 • Vol. 141, No. 15

Who Will Be Miss Astoria 2018?

Photos by Jodie Ragle

Abigail Cebuhar   Emily Cox   Cheyenne Hicks   Cailin Kimbro  
Abigail Cebuhar
Age: 17
Parents: Robert Cebuhar and Amanda Cebuhar
Sponsor: Special Occasions
  Emily Cox
Age: 17
Parents: Benjamin Cox and Carolyn Cox
Sponsor: Hammond’s Garage
  Cheyenne Hicks
Age: 15
Parent: Bobbie Hicks
Sponsor: On Broadway Dance Company
  Cailin Kimbro
Age: 17
Parents: Shane and Tiffany Kimbro
Sponsor: Dairy Dipper
  Christina Kling
Age: 15
Parents: Chris Kling and Lisa Kennedy
Sponsor: Wild Flowers Boutique

Cheyenne Lund   Sierra Lund   Cynthia Skiles   Kenley Watson    
Cheyenne Lund
Age: 17
Parents: Donald and Stephanie Lund
Sponsor: Cameron Brothers Construction Inc.
  Sierra Lund
Age: 17
Parents: Donnie and Stephanie Lund
Sponsor: Klide’s Fast Stop
  Cynthia Skiles
Age: 17
Parents: Keith and Monica Skiles
Sponsor: Hamblin’s Gas and Snaks
  Kenley Watson
Age: 16
Parents: Todd and Sara Watson
Sponsor: Carlyle’s

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