George Scripps

Death came suddenly to George Blanchard Scripps last Monday evening at home, 1028 Grove street, Evanston. About a year ago Mr. Scripps was stricken down with apoplexy, but was apparently on a fair way to complete recovery when a second stroke on Monday afternoon caused his death within a few hours. To the last he had maintained a brave and hopeful struggle for recovery.

Mr. Scripps was a man of modest but sterling character, making strong friends of all who had the privilege of knowing him intimately. In his home life he was peculiarly tender and affectionate, and at the same time his sunny and sympathetic nature was a tribute of a strong and well-poised manhood. The members of his sorrowing family have every cause to cherish his memory with loving pride. Mr. Scripps was by nature both conscientious and deeply religious. He was an active and devout member of St. Mark's Episcopal church.

Mr. Scripps was born in Chicago fifty-three years ago. His father was John Locke Scripps, widely known in his day as editor of the Chicago Tribune, author of the first complete biography of Abraham Lincoln, postmaster during Lincoln's administration. The son's education was obtained in the Chicago schools, at McKendree college, Lebanon, Ill., and at Champaign. The early years of his business life were spent on a Kansas ranch after which he became a merchant in the neighboring town of Burlington, Kan. When he began to feel the need of better school facilities for his children he secured an interest in an Omaha business house, moving to that city, and about a dozen years ago he came to Chicago making his home in Evanston.

In 1872 he married Miss Fanny Hudnall of Astoria, Ill. Mrs. Scripps and three children survive him, the names of the latter being Charles Locke, Mabel E. and Earl Hudnall Scripps. His sister, Mrs. Frank B. Dyche of Evanston, is the only surviving member of his father's family.

The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock in St. Mark's Episcopal church. Among the out of town relatives and friends present were Mr. James E. Scripps, Detroit, Mich.; Mr. Winter Scripps and Miss Lyda Scripps, Chicago; Mr. John Scripps, Mrs. S. A. Hudnall and Mrs. T. W. Price, Astoria, Ill.; Miss Grace Little, Rushville, Ill.; Mrs. Charles H. Lyons and Mrs. William Thomson, Burlingame, Kan.; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Chase, Mrs. J. L. Parrotte, Miss Katharine Parrotte and Miss Grace Parrotte, Chicago.

The pallbearers were George E. Gooch, Roger B. McMullen, William A. Dyche, George P. Merrick, Charles S. Raddin and Edwin L. Shuman. The remains were laid in Graceland cemetery beside those of the father. — Evanston Press.


Published in the Astoria Search Light on 12/11/1902

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