Leon Ridle

MACOMB — On last Saturday evening, Leon, the 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ridle, was brought to the Phelps hospital to be treated for Ivy poisoning. The family live a few miles east of Bushnell. About a month ago the little boy while playing in the fields came in contact with some vines of poison ivy. In a few days blisters came in little spots on his face. It was not thought to be anything serious. But when it kept getting worse his parents decided to bring him to the hospital where he might have the best of care and medical attendance. When brought here his body was nearly covered with the poisonous blisters. It was seen that there was but little chance of recovery. He lived until 8 o’clock Monday morning when death relieved him.

Published in the Astoria Argus on 7/30/1903


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