Phillip Heller

IPAVA — Phillip Heller, who a little over a year ago was shot by his brother-in-law, John France, at Bernadotte, died at his home in Farmer’s township on the 18th. While he had recovered to a considerable extent physically, from the effects of his wounds, he has never since been quite right mentally and his death is said to have resulted from the shooting. Under the law France is free from entanglement, as it says: “In order to make the killing either murder or manslaughter, it is requisite that the party die within a year and a day after the stroke received or the cause of death administered, in the computation of which the whole of the day the hurt was, shall be counted as the first.” The shooting, it was claimed, was done in self defense, and on that plea France was cleared when tried for assault with intent to kill. — Ipava Independent.


Published in the Astoria Argus on 11/30/1893

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