Murder and Suicide.

OSKALOOSA, JULY 3 — Yesterday at 11:45 Alexander Carey, of Carbonado, killed his wife and then shot himself.

The shooting took place at 11:45 Sunday forenoon, at their cottage home in Carbonado. The neighbors were alarmed by the rapid discharge of three revolver shots, and by Mrs. Carey rushing out of the house and dropping to the earth. She was followed by Carey, who shot himself, and fell on the South side of the house. Mrs. Carey was hit three times; one through the right hand as if she raised it in defense against the leaden hail, one through the body above the hips and the third through the left breast near the nipple into the heart. Carey fired two shots into his body, involving the heart also, and when the neighbors got on the ground his clothes were burning from the pistol fire. The cause of the trouble that led to this horrible affair seemed to be about some money which belonged to Mrs. Carey, and which he desired to control.

Mrs. Carey was well known in Astoria. She was the wife of Eugene Gore, now an inmate of the Jacksonville Insane Asylum. Mr. Gore taught school in Astoria and vicinity for a number of years; about the year 1876 he became deranged and was sent to the asylum. A few years afterwards Mrs. Gore moved to Iowa where she married Mr. Carey, who had boarded with her while she resided in Astoria. She was a sister of Mrs. Joe Engle and Mrs. J. B. Grisham, and was perhaps fifty years of age.


Published in the Astoria Argus on 7/13/1893


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