A Suicide.

Don Arnold, a well-known young man of this community, and who has for several years made his home with John Howard, committed suicide Friday morning by taking an overdose of morphine, self-administered with suicide intent. Don was about twenty-one years of age.

Thursday evening about 9 o’clock he purchased a quantity of morphine for the purpose of easing pain, caused by appendicitis, of which he claimed he was afflicted.

About 11 o’clock he fell into a troubled sleep and was taken to the city lock-up by several of his companions, after which he rallied in a short time, announcing to those present what he had done and that he had done it to end his life. Also saying that he had no friends and that only two persons had spoke to him the day previous.

The young men left him about 1 o’clock, seemingly in a rational condition, thinking that he would be all right in the morning. Thomas Robertson who is employed at the Waggoner livery stable, went to the city lock-up about 5 o’clock in the morning and found young Arnold in unconscious condition. Dr. Price was at once summoned and every effort was used to save his life but all was in vain. He passed away at 10 a.m. and was taken to the home of his uncle, John Arnold who is a resident of this city. Interment was made at the Sixteen cemetery Saturday at 11 o’clock.

Published in the Astoria Argus on 8/6/1903


Coroner A. C. Clutts, of Ellisville, came to Astoria last Friday for the purpose of inquiring into the death of Don Arnold who committed suicide here a few days ago.

Mr. Clutts made a thorough investigation and returned fully satisfied that death resulted from an overdose of morphine, administered by his own hand. Mr. Clutts made the trip in an automobile.


Published in the Astoria Argus on 8/13/1903


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