Kicked to Death.

Riley Lybarger, residing in Flatwoods settlement west of this city, was killed in a runaway Saturday morning.

Riley was a young man about twenty-two years of age.

J. H. Etter, who delivers ice from an ice house, two and one half miles west of here was on his way to town with a load of ice. Riley asked if he could ride to town, and in reply he told him he could not.

Mr. Etter drove on for some distance and stopped, Riley overtook him and got on the wagon, when within about one and one half miles of town he was suddenly stricken with an attack of epilepsy, an ailment of which he had been subjected for years.

He fell forward from the seat, alighting across the tongue and double trees. The team, a span of mules, were frightened and ran away, kicking the prostrated form at every jump. After going about one hundred yards the body was finally discharged and thrown to the ground, the loaded wagon passing over the young man, but the wheels did not strike him.

The team ran some distance and stopped. Mr. Etter went back and discovered that death had resulted almost instantaneous. An accident has long been predicted and will be no surprise to those who were well acquainted with him. He was taken to the home of his parents, Mr. Elmer Lybarger. Interment was made at the Salem cemetery Sunday at three o’clock.

Published in the Astoria Argus on 8/6/1903


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